Ten Bad Work Habits To Kick

We all have them – awful work habits we try and try again to get rid of.  Here are a few of the worst bad habits every PR girl needs to kick. If you don’t have any, you’re probably in denial.

Bad Work Habits

  • Procrastination. I’m totally guilty of this.
  • Saying “um” or “like” every other word. It’s nerves. It happens.
  • Being quiet. In meetings or at outings. Speak up. They want to hear your voice.
  • Skipping over emails. Not on purpose, just not flagging them properly.
  • Being late. Time and time again. Just because you get away with it once…
  • Slouching. In meetings and at our desk. Try to keep good posture.
  • Venting. Co-workers and friends. Sometimes we just have to suck it up.
  • Hitting send too fast. Proofread everything. Make sure you’re sending to the right person.
  • Never taking a break. Everyone needs at least 10 minutes to enjoy lunch. Take a one!
  • Being negative. Especially when you’re stressed. Look at the glass half full.

What are some other bad work habits you have?

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