Testing the Waters

Maybe it’s the new year inspiration, but we’ve gotten several letters yesterday from new fans of all ages who are looking to learn a little bit more about public relations as a career path.  Though Adrianna and I hope the blog serves as a great resource and an inside look into the field, we understand the feeling of wanting to get a real “feel” or sneak peek into PR before diving headfirst into this roller coaster ride of a job path.

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Below, I’ve included a few key things to keep in mind and ways you can look into PR if you’re just starting to consider the career.  Be sure to check out our guide for more helpful articles as well. And of course, dear readers, please feel free to add to the below in the comments!  We would love to get input from everyone for our new fellow followers:

So, you think you want to be in public relations…

  • Hope you like writing! Think of your favorite brands, and go to their corporate page.  Check out their recent press releases under the “News” or “Press” columns.  This is the type of writing you’ll be doing throughout the year on behalf of your clients, but it’s only a small portion
  • Subscribe to magazines, everything from lifestyle to special niche – Good Housekeeping, Glamour, Vogue, Food & Wine, Travel & Leisure, Time, New York Magazine
  • Follow relevant PR industry influencers on Twitter and Facebook, including @pr_couture, @prdaily, @OscarPRgirl 
  • Connect with other readers and tweeters on PR blogs – ask for other blog recommendations or books to read
  • PR does NOT mean you’ll be working in entertainment or fashion only.  Public relations is present in almost every single field.  If you have an interest in science or biology, look into university communications or healthcare PR
  • Though event planning is a part of the public relations job description, most of the time it is not the main focus.  If you like to be on your feet and “running” the show, consider a smaller firm with hospitality clients
  • If you’re considering which major to go for, keep in mind that PR is heavy in writing and communication.  The most common major is “Media & Communications” or “Public Relations” itself, but it’s not a must-have.  Almost anything that is focused in the liberal arts will do
  • Volunteer for a school paper or start your own blog to work on your writing and communication skills – anything that has an audience

What other advice would you give to a PR girl or guy testing the waters?


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