The Annoying Aspects of PR

While we love our jobs in PR lets be honest, there are annoying parts as well. Lucky for us many of them are minor and can be overlooked, but here are a few of the most annoying aspects of PR. Fellow PR girls, I think you’ll agree.

Annoying Aspects of PR

  • Waiting hours, days, weeks for materials to be reviewed.
  • Monitoring. And monitoring some more.
  • Always being the middleman.
  • Billing your time for the week. Because it’s near impossible to even remember what you had for breakfast.
  • Reading through hundreds of unread emails.
  • Flipping through a magazine and not finding the placement you thought you had.
  • Never hearing back from an editor.
  • Planning your event to a T only to have weather kill it.
  • Everyone has off on minor holidays and you don’t.
  • Cold calling.
  • Realizing you’re still checking and responding to emails at 11:30pm.

What do you think are the most annoying aspects of PR?

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