The Best & Worst PR Feelings

Working in public relations has its ups and downs (mostly ups, right?) and there are some daily feelings you wish would never go away and some you hope will never happen again. Beyond landing a new client (or losing one) I pulled together the best and worst feelings of an average PR work day.

The best feelings:

  • Landing the perfect placement you’ve been dying for
  • Hearing back from a media contact that’s been ignoring your emails
  • Coming up with a brilliant campaign idea
  • Exceeding your campaign goals (what’s better?!)
  • Getting an email back from your client that says “WOW!”

The worst feelings:

  • Scoring a placement that isn’t considered a client “win”
  • Hitting the send button on a pitch email too soon
  • Receiving read receipts from media without any responses
  • Hanging up the phone after an awkward call
  • Scrambling for fire drills

And these are just a few. What are your best and worst PR feelings?

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