The Cost of NYC Living

We receive a lot of questions on a daily basis about how to get started in New York City.  How do you find an apartment? Where do you live? How can you survive on a PR girl salary?

The truth is this – after living in Manhattan for over a decade between the two of us, we’re still trying to figure it out!  What both of us know is that there are definitely some trade-offs to living in Manhattan vs any other US city.  Even in pure cost of living, there are a few items you should be prepared for.  Think you can stand the below hikes in price? Better start saving your pennies – you’re an NYC girl at heart.

The cost of your average cup of coffee: $1.25; the cost of an NYC cup of coffee: $2.15

TRADE OFF: We drink our coffee in Central Park, with views of the Empire State Building, even at Tiffany’s.

The cost of your average beer at happy hour: $3.00; the cost of an NYC beer: $6.50

TRADE OFF: NYC happy hours are some of the best for networking when you’re young, not to mention developing relationships that will last years. And often times happy hour involves a roof deck or fireplace, which is hard to complain about.

The cost of getting yourself home by car: $25-$30 per tank of gas; The NYC taxi cost to get yourself home: $12 per ride

TRADE OFF: Taxis are an indulgence for sure, but extremely convenient when necessary (no parking problems, for one).  Zipping through Madison Avenue at night has an unbeatable feeling.

The cost of your average apartment rent: $450 – $700 per month; NYC apartment rent: $1,300 – $1,900

TRADE OFF: Minutes from the most exciting entertainment locations and delicious restaurants in the world. Located in the most successful city for jumping off your career.  Knowing if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

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