The Do’s and Don’ts Of Dating a PR Girl

We know the upside and downside  of dating a PR girl, but what about the first date do’s and don’ts? PR girls are independent and know what they want. Knock her socks off by following these do’s and avoiding these don’ts.

Dating a PR Girl Do’s

  • Do pick up the phone and ask her out
  • Do pick the first date spot
  • Do pick a place that’s original and most likely where she hasn’t been before
  • Do ask about her job
  • Do exemplify that you’re listening while she speaks
  • Do turn your phone on silent
  • Do think before you speak
  • Do show your interested in her
  • Do pay for the date in full
  • Do ask her out in person for a second date

Dating a PR Girl Don’ts

  • Don’t text her asking her out
  • Don’t ask her where she wants to go on the first date
  • Don’t pick a place she’s most likely been with clients
  • Don’t continue to insist that PR is advertising
  • Don’t zone off and make her repeat herself
  • Don’t take a call, text or update any of your social networks
  • Don’t give TMI
  • Don’t try too hard to impress her and act fake
  • Don’t let her pay or expense the date
  • Don’t text her a week later for a second date

What are some other do’s and don’ts of dating a PR girl?

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