The Downside to Dating a PR Girl

Last year, we outlined the three things you should know  before dating a PR girl. While we’re dedicated to our profession and love what we do, we have to admit that there are some downsides (or some may call them upsides) to dating  us, especially  due to our strong personalities.  Don’t agree?  Below are just a few…just don’t share these with any prospective boy toys!

PR girls:

  • Constantly have work on their mind
  • Can tell when you’re bs-ing:they deal with bs-ers every day
  • Will call you out
  • Know how to dig for information
  • Are not afraid to speak their minds
  • Monitor your social channels
  • Will expect the loyalty they give you in return
  • Pay attention to every detail
  • Want you to be as prepared as they are
  • Know how to communicate their side of an argument well
  • Work late hours

What are some other downsides of dating a PR girl?

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