The Hunt: What to Wear

Adrianna and I are using The Hunt in Far Hills tomorrow as an opportunity to pre-celebrate her birthday.   We’re getting up bright and early to drive over together, and spend some time with family and friends.   I went to The Hunt last year with A as well, and I remember I could have been a tad more prepared for the festivities.   This isn’t your usual tailgate – it’s a tailgate… at a horse race… in a mud pit. The occasion calls for some strategic thinking when it comes to wardrobe.

Last year, I was beyond happy that I remembered gloves since it got a bit chilly by the end of the day.   This year is supposed to stay above 60 degrees all day, but I would still recommend at least a vest to keep warm, like these two from J. Crew (more preppy) and Michael Kors (more glam).

In terms of tops, it depends whether you want to keep chic with city style or classic prep for the race.   These from Madewell and Topshop tops are both similar in shape to keep with the theme of the festive event, but drastically different prints to fit your taste.

A cross body bag is a must since you will be trekking from lot to lot each day, and just need to carry ID, cash, phone and sunnies.

Leggings are a must to keep comfy, and I would recommend a dark color like these from Topshop in case you slide in the mud.

Speaking of mud, be prepared to get a decent amount caked onto your boots throughout the day. This is not the time for the Tory Burch riding boots. Go with classic Hunters or “sh*t kicking” Fryes that were made to take on the mud.


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