The Not So Glamorous PR Girls Travel

Getting into the PR industry, travel is often a part of the job and you should definitely make the most of it. It has its ups; you get to see new places, discover new sights and travel to locations you  wouldn’t  normally see. If you follow us on Instagram (@nycprgirls), you probably saw some photos from my travels this week. While I love to travel, business travel  isn’t  always as glamorous as it seems. Those of you who have been in PR for several years would most likely agree.

Business travel:

  • Is usually last minute
  • Takes you away from a full day of work
  • Racks up your to-do list
  • Can be lonely
  • Comes with expenses
  • Leaves you tired
  • Turns the weather against you
  • Often comes with flight delays
  • Makes you miss home
  • Is quick, leaving you with little to no time to explore
  • Can be filled with pressure depending on your reason for travel

How do you feel about business travel?


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