The Perfect Follow-Up

One of the most important aspects of pitching is following up. I’m sure if you asked a group of PR professionals about pitching, a majority would state that they don’t hear back from their contacts until they follow-up – so don’t be discouraged when you originally receive no response.

So what’s the most effective way to follow-up on your pitch? I’m a strong believer in the one liner email. Keeping the body of the original email you sent underneath your follow-up, add a short line like the below:

Hi X – I just wanted to follow-up to see if you were interested in the below opportunity/product.

Thanks for your consideration, X

Many times you will receive an email back either stating “No, thanks” or “Thanks for following up. I looked over your email originally and…” As media is inundated with emails every single day, following up is sometimes the only way to ensure your pitch is read. Phone calls also work well with print publications, but I personally don’t make those until I haven’t heard back from even the follow-up email. You want to get in contact with the media, but you don’t want to annoy them.

What are your thoughts on the follow-up?

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