The PR Bucket List

We have a bucket list of activities we want to do in NYC, but what about a bucket list for PR professionals? Whether you’re starting as an intern or you’re an experienced SAE, here are some items to you may want to check off your list:

  • Watch your campaign idea unfold
  • Climb the career ladder in a timely fashion
  • Book a national morning show segment
  • Land a national magazine placement
  • Crack
  • Get a two page magazine feature on a client
  • Get a newspaper placement in USA Today or NYT
  • Win a PR award for a campaign you worked on
  • Successfully run an event with a celebrity
  • Give a client presentation on your own
  • Bring in a new client
  • Manage interns (such a good feeling once you’ve already been an intern!)

What’s on your PR bucket list? Crossed anything off?

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