The Times they are a Changin

This week has already been nuts with Adrianna and I both attending our little brothers’ high school graduations this past weekend and my moving in just 5 days.   I sat down this morning after two days off to over 600 emails, and my head already began to spin.

But while I’m beginning to pack up my life in my apartment that I’ve been in for just one year, it’s so funny to think back about how much has changed over the past 365 days.   In New York, it is really easy to feel like you’re “stuck in a rut” or not moving anywhere in your life, because everyone else seems to be speeding past you.   When you take a moment to breathe and appreciate what you’ve accomplished, it’s crazy how much can change in just one year.   Here are just a few things I have experienced:

  • Started a new job with a new position that I absolutely love
  • Went to California for the first time, then went about 5 times after that
  • Experienced the Jersey Shore with Adrianna
  • Saw one of my favorite bands of all time live in NJ
  • Knocked a few items off the NYC bucket list
  • Made nyc PR girls an official small business by starting an LLC

How has the past year impacted your life?

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