The Upside to Dating a PR Girl

Last week, I highlighted some of the downsides to dating a PR girl. Where there are some downsides, we all know there are also many upsides. Many of you tweeted/commented us, and below are some of the perks. Thanks to our readers for their input!

PR girls…

  • Stay loyal and  dedicated  to their relationships as they do their clients
  • Never double book their schedule
  • Will always try to impress you
  • Are independent go-getters
  • Stay organized and prepared for whatever is thrown at them
  • Know the best places in town ‘“ restaurants, parks, shops, clubs, etc.
  • Never plan a boring date
  • Write the best cards
  • Multi-task easily
  • Bring you samples of their clients product
  • Text/call you back right away – out of habit
  • Stick to their word

What are some other upsides to dating a PR girl?


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