The Far Hills Races or “The Hunt”

This past weekend, M and I took the journey to my hometown in New Jersey to check out the Far Hills Races, commonly referred to as The Hunt. Every October, The Hunt draws nearly 40,000 people dressed in the fall best to “watch the horse races” aka tailgate and drink beer.  It’s probably one of the only weekends of the year Manhattan folks ever consider leaving the city for New Jersey, and I can partially understand why.

Weather permitting, the food is great, the drinks are never-ending and the crowd is just looking to have a good time. For me, it was more like a high school reunion than anything else. It was great seeing everyone and catching up so I have to say that I would consider going again next year.

For those living in the city, if you’re into a preppy crowd and doing keg stands in a large muddy field, this is the event for you! The train station is located in walkable distance to the actual event, just make sure you purchase your tickets beforehand and find a good group to tailgate with.

Have you been to The Hunt in Far Hills?

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