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Yesterday we received a tweet asking about the PR portfolio. Even when I was applying for internships, I made sure I had my portfolio in a nice leather binder in hand.  This sparked today’s post on what should be included in a PR portfolio, especially when you’re applying for jobs. Even if you’re not applying for jobs, it’s important to keep your portfolio updated just in case.

Your portfolio is meant to display your writing expertise and proof that you can do your job. There’s no perfect equation on what to include as it depends on the position you are applying for and your previous experience in the industry. However, there are some basic materials and tips to consider when putting together your portfolio.

  • Keep your resume in the up-front
  • Include press releases you’ve actually written in AP Style
  • Offer media pitches that are well-written
  • Incorporate proof of your social media presence (blog posts, LinkedIn profile information, Twitter handle)
  • Display media clippings of coverage you generated
  • Showcase any digital creative assets (brochures, invitations, presentations)
  • Cut-in PR plans you’ve contributed to (include the concept and objective of the campaign)
  • As a student, include any upper-level schoolwork relevant to the PR industry
  • Provide reference letters from employers, teachers, etc.

Many interviewers are looking for a variety of different items – so including three press releases and two pitches doesn’t show much. Remember that it’s quality vs. quantity that matters most. Also, be selective and triple check for grammar mistakes.

As a tip, make copies of some the materials to leave behind with your resume or leave them with a link to your online portfolio. The interviewer won’t have time to sit through and read your entire portfolio.

What are some items you have included in your PR portfolio?

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