The PR World

The PR world can be a little more than brutal and I’ve learned that lesson the past few weeks.

You have to be on you A game almost 24/7 and it will be long hours and stressful work, which is I’m assuming why it has such a high turnover rate. Not only that but it is not an industry for everyone. However, I was asked last week by a friend of mine when I was in the office at 9:45PM on a Thursday, is it rewarding and didn’t you know it would be like this after interning?

Although being in the office until 10 some-to-most nights is not a dream world, it is so rewarding. I cannot explain the relationship I have with my clients, let alone their teams, the producers of shows, the editors of multiple outlets, and the reporters I work with consistently. It is so amazing to see your client’s movie do amazing and to have them be happy with the campaign we did for them. It is fun to work on all the different projects that a client has because they want to break out of their usual roles, or have a passion for something else other than acting. I will never not love seeing them on the cover of a magazine or on a late night show and I will absolutely never hate the phone calls or emails I get saying thank you.

However, the did I know it would be like this after interning part is a little up for discussion. I did know because I talked to so many people when I was working on building my career and I did see how hard my bosses worked when I was interning but that still does not prepare you for what to do when a movie gets horrible reviews, when glam falls through, or any other possible situation that could happen. There are few things to help prepare you to be into the world of PR but in my opinion, I cannot explain how amazingly rewarding it is to work at the company I am at, with the clients I have, and with the teams I work with.

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