Tips On Juggling Clients

One of the hardest parts of working in the agency world is juggling clients. Once second you’ll be focused on pitching a food brand for BBQ season and the next you’ll be focused on writing a summer trends release for a fashion brand. Balancing work between client and managing every assignment that can my way was  definitely one of my biggest struggles starting off. Here are a few tips that help be juggle client work.

  • Stay organized.  Keep your folders and paperwork separate for each client. Keep your computer folders organized so you know where to easily find everything for each client. Consider making folders in your inbox for each client as well to keep emails and assignment together. This was extremely helpful when I first started at my agency.
  • Keep a list. You know the infamous to-do list. Bundle your client work in groups so you can see what needs to be completed for each.
  • Stay focused. Keep your mind on one client at a time. Interweaving work will only be cause for mishaps and confusion.
  • Mark your calendar. Block off time throughout the week when you need to focus on a particular client/assignment. Put two hours for writing client X’s press release and set aside an hour for pitching client Z.
  • Know your limit.  Be reasonable and know your limit as to what you can and can not handle. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of your client work, flag this to team members. Your performance will begin to lack the more stressed you feel.

How do you juggle multiple clients work?

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