To Intern or Not to Intern, That Is the Q

I went to college where I graduated with a BA in communication studies majored in public relations and minored in marketing. I graduated in ’05 and between getting not so wonderful jobs (cold calling for a marketing firm) I decided to go back to what I did in college to pay the bills – bartend. I worked for this restaurant from ’09-current and I made amazing money, received award after award there, but I finally realized it’s time to GROW UP!   

This is my burning question: Do you think that since I have been out of the industry, I should take a really good internship for a couple of months to freshen me up, possibly result in a job or at the least build my resume? Or, I do know several friends who have companies that told me that they would vouch for me and I could put work experience from them on my resume. I do feel like the second is a great option and I will probably do that, but don’t you think if I get a great internship that might lead to better results than just frustratingly searching for my dream job with little to no job qualifications?

Please help! I would love to hear what you think!


This is a great question that’s extremely relevant to our times. It’s so difficult for our generation to graduate and find a dream job…in fact, it’s near impossible! So many of us end up in the situation you are in now where you had to turn away from pursuing our major to make sure the bills are paid. The reality of your situation is that a good internship on your resume will aid you in all of the ways you outlined above. It will freshen up what you learned in college, build your resume, be a great learning experience and potentially lead to a job.

I remember when I first graduated college I already had two relevant PR internships at other agencies under my belt, so I immediately thought that I was qualified to be hired as an Assistant Account Executive. In actuality, I wasn’t. Full-time internships are a completely different learning experience from part-time internships while you’re still in school. When I wasn’t offered the job as an AAE, I was hired as an intern (yet again) which eventually lead to a job.

Pursue a full-time internship opportunity you’re really interested in at a firm you’d love to work for. Otherwise, you’ll most likely be banging your head against the wall searching for a dream job with no qualifications and a time-lapse between your prior relevant experiences.

Even if you do land the dream job, you would probably struggle in the position without having the prior necessary experience. Though it won’t be the pay you’re used to, an internship is the necessary step anyone has to take, no matter what age, to break into the PR industry.

P.S. Have you considered building a PR position at your restaurant? Another resume builder, you can manage the restaurants social networks, event planning and pitching local media to get coverage for the restaurant.

Hope that this help, and best of luck!

Xo, A

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