Too Late to Find a Summer Internship?

Many of you are wondering – is it too late to find a summer internship? The answer is no. Technically, summer doesn’t start until June 21. While it might be too late to conduct an internship for school credit, there’s still a little time to try and find a summer internship that will give you first hand experience in the PR industry.

Is it Too Late to Find a Summer Internship

  • Reevaluate your resume. Have you been applying and not receiving any responses? Take a better look at your resume. Are you highlighting what’s relevant to PR? Any spelling or grammar mistakes? Maybe switch up your email “pitch”. Make sure you’re customizing every email you send.
  • Browse online. Check out sites like Intern Queen and Indeed. Look at message boards on LinkedIn. While your dream internship position may have already been filled, you can probably find one just as interesting and educational. 
  • Check your school career center. While school might be out for the summer, your career center and adviser may know of an opportunity for you. It can’t hurt to check.
  • Ask around. Network with your peers and don’t be afraid to ask if they know of any companies looking for a summer intern.
  • Think outside of PR. While you’re dreaming of a PR internship, maybe consider interning at a media outlet instead, such as a website or radio station. Internships like these are just as reputable and relevant to the PR industry.

Have you recently found a summer internship? Tell us how!

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