Top 3 PR Lessons from the Royal Wedding

On Friday, the world will be watching as Prince William and his fiance Kate Middleton walk down the aisle and accept their roles in the Royal Family.  Since the engagement, there has been a constant hum from the media surrounding the elaborate wedding plans and this age-old British tradition.

Here are our top three PR lessons from the Royal Wedding (besides, you just knew we had to do the obligatory Royal Wedding Post…):

1. A Picture is Really Worth A Thousand Words – How many times have we seen the above engagement photo?  They both look deliriously happy and in love.  This picture alone has created thousands of media placements.  Encourage your client to make tasteful, creative photographs that speak to the personality of the brand.  Media appreciates a good jpeg.

2. Show a Little Emotion – Prince William and Kate have both expressed their pre-nuptual jitters.  There’s no need to be stoic in PR either!  If the outlet you’re reaching out to would be a stretch for your client, or if you’re working on a program you really feel proud of, express your feelings in your pitch!  A little human emotion goes a long way.

3. Tradition Can Be a Good Thing – It is easy to get wrapped up in social media, tweets, blogs and site traffic, but traditional media placements still mean a lot to a brand and your client.  Winning a magazine or industry award speaks loads louder than a perfectly crafted Facebook post.
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