Top 3: Mastering the Phone Interview

We know many of you will soon be interviewing for your summer internship or first job out of college (which is why we’ve had these posts here, here and here). However, we also know from your emails and tweets that many of you are trying to get a job from outside the city you’re dying to live in, and have no choice but to conduct your first interview over the phone. Even if you are in your dream city, many HR reps or recruiters vet job candidates over the phone. All three of us got our jobs by mastering a phone interview first – it’s not as scary as it sounds! Below, we’ve outlined some of our top hints for showing off your stuff over the phone.

Prep beforehand! Going into a phone interview blind is basically like walking onstage without a rehearsal.  Don’t put yourself through that!  The interviewer will be asking questions quickly and expecting clear answers. Know your resume over, under and backwards, and be able to efficiently speak to real-life examples and situations that show your PR prowess.

Express yourself! One of the hardest things about a phone interview is the lack of a personal connection with your interviewer.  You can’t respond to body language cues, just the tone and inflections of her voice (an interview with a monotone is the worst – trust us).  All you can do is use thoughtful and expressive language when describing your work experience.  And DO try to smile when you speak – believe it or not a smile can be heard over the phone.

Don’t forget Questions! Though you may be nervous and trying to stay on top of the interviewers stream of thought, do try to take charge of the conversation every now and again.  As I’ve said before, this is your interview too!  Asking thoughtful questions about the company, the work you’d be doing, and the work-life balance will help you get a better idea of the job and show your true interest.

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