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If you follow us on Twitter, some of you may know I’m in San Francisco for a training weekend with my new firm.  I have the pleasure of traveling a lot at my position (though I probably will be singing a different tune on my red-eye tonight), and I’m beginning to become one savvy traveler.  Here are a couple items every PR girl must have on her business (and pleasure) trips:

Dress Comfy Casual, but No PJ’s: I wish I had traveled in the days of dirty martinis and suits on airplanes.  Though not the most comfortable way to fly, it showed respect to your pilot and crew to clean up and behave maturely on flights.  Enter the days of swigging Yellowtail from the bottle and Adidas sweatsuits.  Now you’d be hard pressed to find a traveler who takes such care to fly outside of first class.  I, for one, love dressing up for the airport.  A good pair of jeans with a fun, cotton top and nice sweater do the trick just fine.  I also love a fedora and sunglasses at the airport (gives a bit of a mysterious, “where is she going?” attitude).

Bring a Scarf: My simple linen scarf from H&M has already saved me a few times this weekend.  From misty New York, to balmy JFK airport, to windy San Francisco, it’s good to have a layer that you can easily remove and stow in your handbag.

Wear Flats: Though I am one of those people who does not like to walk barefoot through security, it is a far better choice than holding up the line unlacing your boots or sneakers.  On a six hour flight like mine this weekend, flats are a much more comfortable option than sneakers or sandals.

Stow Hand Lotion, Chapstick, Water and Chocolate: When up in the air, especially for long periods of time, you’ll want these items desperately at hour two and a half.  When flying it’s easy to become dehydrated and dry, so be sure to keep these items at hand.  The chocolate is just for your sanity.

I’ll be sharing updates on what I learned during my training weekend in the coming days.  Stay tuned!

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