Tweet Like a PR Girl

When I first met A, she was practically Twitter obsessed.   I was still getting used to Facebook going public vs. college exclusive (yeah, I was that slow), and Adrianna was tweeting her little heart out.   Luckily, since we started the blog, I’ve gotten a little bit more social media savvy.   While everyone has their own Twitter personality, I think PR girl tweets are some of the most entertaining.   Maybe it’s a combination of our dramatic, type-A and fashion-forward tendencies combined with our pop-culture-know-how.   Maybe it’s our unrelenting sarcasm, fun-loving nature and perfectionism.   Either way, this is how you can be sure you’re tweeting like a PR girl:

In line to get coffee:   I think @starbucks needs a bouncer. I’m waiting longer than I would at XVI with Beyonce inside

When a press release edits come back:  I love my job. I love my job. I love my job.

Tweeting at your friends:   Just inhaled an embarrassing amount of @pinkberry. Diet starts tomorrow @AdriannaPR

At Bloomingdale’s:  I don’t need to pay rent this month, right? #shopaholic

When you’re not impressed:  Word is @lindsaylohan is moving to Upper West Side. #theregoestheneighborhood

When you see a cute boy: How is it that the downtown 4 train at rush hour has gotten me more action than my @okcupid profile #feelinonfinanceguys


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