Use Post-Weekend Energy Wisely

Maybe it was the lovely love-filled holiday or the extra long weekend, but I actually came into work today ready to work. Having that feeling of being accomplished AND well-rested over the weekend is fantastic, but sometimes it can be fleeting. It’s important to use your new-found energy wisely and make it last all day. Here are a couple ways you can make sure your fuel tank stays full, even when dealing with some crazy post-weekend assignments:


Sort your inbox – I like to check in a couple times over the weekend to answer urgent emails, but also delete the junk out of my inbox. That way, all that is left when I come in after the weekend is the stuff I NEED to look at

Tackle the hard stuff first – Use this energy to get ahead of any big projects you had planned for the day. You may be tempted to catch up with the news, co-workers, or clients, but it’s most beneficial to take a crack at what needs to get done. You’re in a good mood, you have time, what better situation can you ask for to handle the hard stuff?

But take breaks – If you want to keep your energy all day, you do need to take a few timed breaks through the morning. Make sure you get up to fill your water bottle a few times. Check one new news outlet every hour for just 5-10 minutes. As long as you limit the breaks, you should actually get some more work done

Communicate assignments ASAP – whether you need to know what is on your own plate or delegate something to a team member, don’t wait until EOD or when you’re too tired to handle a project to let other know what’s going on. Early in the day it is best to ask for help or let your manager know you are swamped. Teammates can help take necessary items off your plate or share the load


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