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It’s the first week of April (already), meaning it’s time to be aggressively searching for  that perfect  summer internship or job upon graduation. One of the most common questions we receive is how we found our jobs. The answer from me  is simple – online. Beyond looking at individual company websites, there  were a  few job “search engines”  that helped me  find exactly what I was looking for and  can help you find an  internship or entry-level position.

1. – Referred to me by a friend, this was one of the most useful search platforms for finding open positions. It’s pretty much like Google, typing in “public relations” + the job title you are looking for (intern, account coordinator, assistant/junior account executive) or a speciality (fashion, entertainment, consumer  etc.) will pull up all listings on other job search sites and company sites.

2.  – This seems cliche, but Monster was actually how I found  the internship that lead to the job I have now.  One  perk of  Monster is that it allows you to set up a profile with your resume. Take advantage of this and keep your profile updated, but don’t rely on it  solely because it does not allow for much customization.

Trick I Used  – If you see a job listing on Monster, go to the company website and find an email address to send your resume (typically  to an  HR contact) instead of simply submitting through Monster. This allows you to customize your resume and cover letter instead of using the same one for every job opening.

3. – A primary tool for  media professionals, MediaBistro is a great job platform for those interested in  journalism, TV, radio, graphic design, advertising, public relations and much more. It’s free to sign-up and  you can use “scoop jobs”  to receive alerts when job titles you are interested in become available.

Note that these are just a few of the sites that you can take advantage of. Are there any other sites you find helpful?

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