Valentine’s Day in the City

It’s the end of January, which means two things to me – one, we’re one month closer to spring. Two, the sugary-est, sweetest, most-rose filled day ever is approaching – Valentine’s Day.

As a girl, I obviously have a love-hate feeling towards Valentine’s Day. When I was single, the parade of flowers through the office from girls’ beaus was always a little much, and there was always that awkward “um, how do you celebrate Valentine’s Day if you just started dating the guy??” (I once had a second date ON Valentine’s Day. That was bold).  As part of a couple, I’m still not sure I totally support the teddy bears, chocolates, expensive lingerie and the fist fight for dinner reservations that the holiday can represent.

Now that this year the holiday falls on a FRIDAY, it promises to be even crazier no matter what your dating status. Here are a few tips on how to take advantage of the city on the most love-dove day of the year.

I hate PDAs but on a taxi, in times square, with leather pants and THAT guy... exceptions can be made

Love yourself first – I like taking this day as a reminder to treat myself right. Maybe spend the week gathering flowers for your apartment, booking a massage, and get a blowout on V-day night from Blo or Dream Dry. Buy a new dress or outfit that you’ve been staring at on Pinterest for ages.

Enjoy other people’s love – No, I’m not talking about going googly-eyed over the couple making out on the park bench (I’m sorry, that’s too much). But I always like to take note of the little signs of love I find around the city this day. The kids walking home from school with a bag of Valentines, men on the subway carrying flowers, girls walking home from work with balloons and bouquets from fun deliveries. It’s nice to see your hometown in love once in a while.

Make it a girl’s only Galentine’s Day – Whether you’re single or in a couple, you can make this holiday all about you and loving your girlfriends. Avoid the bars where you may seem like a hoard of lonely hearts just one shot away from making a mistake. Stash a few of your favorite movies, stock up on donuts from Doughnut Plant and whiskey, cupcakes from Magnolia’s and wine, or classic NYC pizza and beer, and spend the night giving each other good gossip and glittery manis.

Or, jump right in – If you’re single and V-day is approaching, consider this your prod and poke from me to get your butt on Tinder, OKCupid,… whatever suits your fancy. Around the holiday people might be getting crazy on these sites, but you have a couple weeks to get your feet wet and set up some dates. Also, the Super Bowl celebrations in the city this weekend are a great ice breaker and chance to meet guys out and about.

Make it about the two of you – Try not to think of Valentine’s as a MUST DO to prove your love. It’s all about celebrations! If you haven’t made a reservation yet, check OpenTable for a new place you guys haven’t tried. If you’d rather not get mixed up in the madness, why not try your hand at making Mac & Cheese or pizza at home? Open a nice bottle of wine and start up season two of House of Cards which is set to premiere that day.

How do you celebrate V-day in your city?

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