What do PR Girls Do?

As PR girls, defining public relations  is never easy. People that you meet, friends and family are often confused by what it is PR professionals do. Many people are interested in PR but are tainted by thinking all we do is  plan parties and meet celebrities. So if you’re interested in PR but aren’t sure what it’s all about, here’s a snapshot of what PR girls do.

  • Aid in building or changing brand reputation
  • Monitor media (print, broadcast, online)
  • Make sure client X is presented in a positive light
  • Build campaign ideas
  • Brainstorm creative ways to get client X coverage
  • Write pitches, press releases and unlimited emails
  • Pitch, pitch and pitch
  • Fact check and maintain relationships with media
  • Plan editor and consumer events
  • Report back to client X on PR activities

What else do PR girls do?

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