What Frustrates PR Girls the Most

There are many things that frustrate PR girls…actually this list could go on for days. Here are a few of the top things that frustrate PR girls the most. Or at least me.

When friends say, “PR is the same as Advertising, right?”

When your client asks to see your media list

When a media outlet doesn’t fact check

When you’re about to hit send on an item, but your client emails asking for it first

When your media contact ignores your embargo

When you accidentally email the wrong person

When your client asks for a report at 5pm on Friday

When you receive read receipts but zero responses to your pitch

When your client doesn’t respond to an amazing placement you’ve worked hard to secure

When it’s 4pm and you still haven’t had time to eat lunch

When your mailbox is full and it won’t let you send messages

When a week goes by and you haven’t crossed anything off your to-do list

When a document you need isn’t saved on the server

When your computer crashes in the middle of writing a press release

When your client schedules a call for 9am on Monday morning

When your colleague lies about getting something done

When you spend 20 minutes listening to the music on a conference call and your client emails, “can we reschedule?”

What else frustrates PR girls?


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