What to Wear to New York Fashion Week

When I was getting myself together for Fashion Week, my style board on Pinterest was a huge help.   Last week was humid and hot in New York, but this week is crisp and feels a little bit more like the transition into fall.   Below are a couple things to keep in mind while dressing for any events at New York Fashion Week.

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I am pinning so much black for fall.

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Don’t think you have to wear the designer – You don’t have to spend rent on a new dress. You can wear something that complements the designer’s collection without going broke.   Just be comfortable!

If you’re working the show, go for dark colors/mostly black -I didn’t know this until this year, but almost everyone working hair/makeup/nails is donning black.   PR girls running around wear the color too. Luckily, I was wearing a black silk blouse with a funky printed skirt, so I fit in without blending in.   If you’re not backstage, go nuts with color!

Accessories are a must – Even if you are wearing mostly black, a statement necklace or great bag will make you standout when you get out from backstage. Or, a swipe of dark lip color is the best beauty accessory you can make in a pinch

Wear killer heels during the show -Even if you’re wearing flats running errands, be sure you change into your favorite/cleanest/smartest heels before stepping into the tent.   You’ll stand taller, and be naturally more confident in your sexiest pumps


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