What would you ask nyc PR girls?

As many of you may already know, Adrianna and I are speaking at PRSSA’s “Back to Basics”  conference at Hofstra University tomorrow afternoon.   We are both INCREDIBLY excited, especially since we get to decide the flow and format of our session.

Adrianna and I are both fans of keeping it casual, whether in an interview or a new business pitch, and have more of an honest conversation rather than a presentation with a PowerPoint and a dog and pony show.

So we wanted to ask – if you were attending tomorrow, or if you ARE attending tomorrow, what would you like to learn? Which topics would you want us to cover?   If you ask us in the comments section below or on Twitter any time today (tweet @nycprgirls), Adrianna and I will answer!   And we may use some of your questions as talking points in our session tomorrow :)

Happy Friday!


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