What You Need to Know Before Interning

Summer is right around the corner and PR Girls are getting ready to hit the ground running in their internships. Though our industry’s history is just as important, your internship will serve up just as much valuable knowledge as the classroom, if not more. But before you start – here are a few things you should keep in mind so you can make the most out of your summer PR Internship.

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Set Goals: We all know that getting your foot in the door is of course important and we value interns with industry experience.  However, your only goal shouldn’t be adding a name and few bullet points to your resume. Your internship is going to give you an inside look into the business and you will want to seize every opportunity to shine. So, set goals for yourself – what do you want to get out of your time at your internship? For as much as you do for your agency, let your agency also work for you.

Let your Passions Shine: It’s a lot easier to put your best foot forward when you’re working on something that really gets the brain juice flowing. There are going to be all sorts of projects you will get to work on, but make sure to find a passion in each one. For example like learning about bloggers? When you are building an influencer list for a client read a bit more about each – you will be the go-to when your supervisor needs a little more information or is looking for that perfect editorial fit for a client.

Keep a Journal: You are about to get a crash course in the PR Industry. Think of it like a really high-energy all day long summer school – but way better.  Keep a journal and make what you learn at your internship work for you in the classroom if you are headed back to school. Using this as a launch point to a job? Take notes about what you do and don’t like – it’s a great way to learn what sector of the industry you will want to work in. Plus I am sure there will be some inspirational words of wisdom along the way… make sure to jot those down too, for a rainy day when you need some inspiration.

Grow Your Social Networks: With media booming each day online – social networks are linking parts of your client’s stories all together. You can do the same for yourself. Here’s an idea – take your journal online – use it to grow your social networks letting your fellow PR Girls in on your summer internship experience. It will give you a chance to practice your writing, refine your voice and you never know who you may connect with and what you might learn. It can be your window into the social community and it’s an even better practice of social media networking and blogger relations.

Hey practicing PR Ladies – these are a few tips that may help you gain some perspective too!

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About PRBlonde: I was born and Bred in W.A.S.P. country & now work in the Dallas PR Industry. As a self-professed style shaper and editor of my blog PRBlonde, I am a right brained, left-hander, who’s always loved a craft. So it was only a matter of time before glitter and glue became pictures and prose – 2.0 style! 

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