What to Expect from Your PR Internship

As we approach the mid-mark of the fall semester, many of you may be already engrained in a PR internship, or are thinking about getting one next semester. As I watch interns come and go out of this office and as a girl who held three PR internships (both good and bad), there are several things you can expect from every intern experience.

  • Real World Experience: Something you can’t get from any PR class that’s invaluable. You’ll observe your coworkers account work, their day to day tasks, and see what a PR job really entails.
  • The B*tch Work: Whether it’s running to the printer late night, organizing a closet or making name tags, expect mindless work to come with the job. Happily take the work because later down your career path you’ll wish you could go back to this:
  • Training: At some places, you can be thrown into the fire, but you should expect some sort of training and guidance from your managers on what to do and what is expected from you.
  • Pitching Practice: Those phone calls you’re nervous to make and those emails you’re afraid to send, pitching at first can be overwhelming. Take this opportunity as a chance to stand out and prove your capabilities and confidence.
  • Feedback: Something that’s very important. Expect a review on your performance during or after your internship is over. This could determine whether or not they hire you or want you back prior to your graduation.
  • Contacts: You’ll meet many new people, both fellow interns and coworkers that you should keep in touch with no matter what! The PR world isn’t that large after all.

What have you experienced in your PR interships?

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