What to Wear When… You’re on Your First Interview at a Creative Agency

Interview styling can be tricky, especially if this is your first season of interviewing for internships or your first job. Even if you’re a seasoned professional, what to wear on an interview totally changes depending on the profession, the office, and the weather. You could be interviewing for a conservative office one day and a laid-back small shop the next.

Here are a few outfit options that will hopefully serve as guidelines when you’re planning your next interview ensemble at a creative agency. I’ve also included a few things to remember when planning your outfit and accessories – there are some little things that your interviewers will definitely notice, and you want to be sure you’ve got on lock.

Creative office interview At a Creative Agency…

You’ll notice above I’ve stuck to a black/white color scheme for the most part, with pops of color. Personally, I think black and white make the cleanest, simplest statement without having to go overboard (not to mention, they flatter everyone no matter your complexion). Stock up on classic shapes in these classic colors, and it’s hard to go wrong.

For creative interviews, I like colorful flippy dresses (just watch the length) with sharp black flats (heels would be too “going out”) or a skirt/shirt combo with classic pumps. If you prefer pants, a black jean or crisp ankle pants with a jacket (this one is more versatile), beautiful blouse and pumps (cheaper) are acceptable. The key with dressing for a more creative agency is working with fun accessories to showcase your personality. A chunky necklace, or wrist candy (also love this one and this one) can be a good way to show off who you are – so long as it isn’t distracting. I like a more classic bag no matter the interview as well.

Always Remember…

  • Make sure your clothes are either dry cleaned or newly washed before wearing. ALWAYS use an iron to get out wrinkles.
  • Never wear stained or torn clothing
  • Check your shoes to be sure your heel tips are OK and not ratty (no nail clicking noises)
  • Never wear open toe or platform shoes to an interview
  • Check your manicure. It’s totally OK to go bare-nailed. ANYTHING other than chips
  • Remember your hair – should be brushed and out of the way. If you can leave it down and not fiddle with it, go for it

Keep a look out for the next post… what to wear to your first corporate interview


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