When Everyone Leaves for Vacation

This week at work has been a hectic one. My account supervisors on two of my clients are out of the office and I’m continuing work on a new business proposal. On top of that, I’m leaving for a little vacation this Saturday so I need to be extra efficient. I’m extremely fortunate to have well-organized teammates that didn’t leave me with a brunt of work, but as the summer vacations start creeping up, here’s how to avoid the cluster.

Think ahead: Take note of assignments that need to be reviewed by your teammates and send it to them before they leave for vacation. Prioritize based on what can wait for them to review upon their return.

Hold a meeting: Meet with your colleague that is leaving the office before they actually do. Review what needs to be completed while they are out and ask questions so you don’t have to bother them during their time off.

Prepare for the unexpected: Stay on top of all documents and prepare for client demands when you least expect them. If you’re not sure where something stands, asks your colleague before they leave.

Send frequent updates: This is a good way to keep your teammates at bay while they are away. Let them know what your completing for them and copy them on emails (unless they request not to be).

Write a to-do list:  You know I’m an advocate of these. Make a list when the week is over of what still needs to be completed the following week so your colleagues know what hasn’t to be completed. I already have a list started of items I need to continue working on upon my return from vacation.

Are there any ways you prepare when your colleagues leave for vacation?

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