When You Literally Have No Time


It’s been one of those weeks where the hours seem to fly by, and all of the sudden its 7:30pm and you still, technically, have about 5 hours of work left to do. Not to mention errands to run, people to see, and when the heck are you supposed to eat or sleep?

While there are many great things about being in a booming industry and busy city, it can absolutely leave you looking at the clock and wondering where the time has passed.

When it all seems to slip through your fingers, there are a couple things you can try to do to save your sanity:

Block off your calendar for literally EVERYTHING – A good friend of mine taught me this trick. He puts time as blocked on the calendar when he needs to make a phone call, needs to go heads-down on an assignment, or even if he wants to take 20 minutes to walk around the block and go to lunch. If you need to dedicate time to something, make sure no one can take that away from you

Put in your time at specific times of day, then log off – When you’re out of the office – in the morning, home from work, or on weekends – check at almost the same time each day, allow yourself 10 – 20 minutes to be online and catch up, then get off. Setting a specific time keeps you offline and able to do other things, but also makes sure you don’t keep checking back every half hour for updates (unless it’s urgent). Similarly…

When you’re home, you’re home – I never leave the office until I’m SURE I’m happy with the work I did that day. Even if that means staying late an extra hour or two, I’d rather get it done so I can do my “real life items” – chores, working out, sleeping – when I get to my apartment. I do not like bringing the office home and I try to avoid it at all costs

And duh, multitask – This is a no brainer, but you’ve got to get a bit creative here. If you need to have a meeting but also need to type up an email for a client, have the meeting at your desk. If you need to run errands for an upcoming photo shoot but also want to talk to your boss about an upcoming assignment, ask if she can walk with you

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