Why PR Girls Make Great Matchmakers

Everyone has that friend – the one that goes out all the time, seems to know everyone and is always talking about who they can set you up with if you’re single. More than likely, she’s a PR girl with a rolodex of single men and women constantly thinking about who she can set up with who to make a match. Here are a few reason why PR girls make great matchmakers and why you should automatically take the date.

Why PR Girls Make Great Matchmakers

PR girls…

  • Work in a business were personal connections mean everything
  • Meet everyone in all different industries at events and meetings
  • Come across hard-working, successful, eligible people everyday
  • Have a second sense for who’s being real and who’s being fake
  • Can quickly tell if the other person would you be genuinely interested in you
  • Will scope out a person before they set you up – on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram
  • Won’t set you up with someone that could hurt their credibility
  • Enjoy bringing people together
  • Will not be offended if it doesn’t work out – we often deal with rejection
  • Aim to make you happy so they can tell a success story

Have you ever set someone up on a date?

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