Why We Hate to Wait in NYC


As I let you guys know a little while back, I’m currently in the market for an apartment. I think I’ve found my perfect place – walking distance to the office, in my favorite part of town, and more space than I ever thought I could afford. Now that my application is in, it’s a New Yorker’s favorite game to play – the waiting game.

A big stereotype of New Yorkers is that we have VERY little patience. I would say that mine has gotten better over the years, but it’s still not the gracious, southern-inspired, polite acknowledgment of time that I wish I had. My career in PR doesn’t help either. I want instantaneous responses, answering all my questions before I even think of them. It’s quite sad.

As an inspiration of the waiting game I’m currently playing with my (hopefully) future landlord, here are a few reasons why we hate to wait in NYC:

  • In the time it takes to stand in the Starbucks line – We could have traveled from the Upper East Side to Queens on the NQR train
  • While waiting for lunch to be delivered to the table – We could have ordered Seamless for the entire office and had a taco party
  • In the time you spend waiting to see if you made it off the waitlist at SoulCycle – You could bike around Central Park three times
  • While waiting in line at the DMV  – You could have hopped on a non-stop trip to Puerto Rico and sit on the beach
  • While slowly lugging groceries up your five flights of stairs – You could order FreshDirect and have it delivered to your door
  • While waiting for your new album to load to your iPhone – We could sit and listen to a Jazz Band in Union Square
  • In the time it takes for your date to “leave the office” – You could have met new friends at a happy hour downtown
  • In the time it takes to get your “perfect apartment” approved – You could have traveled to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and back


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