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If you’re still in school, you’re probably lucky enough that you have almost a month off from school and some downtime at home for the holiday.  When I was in college, I usually used this time to catch up on some much needed sleep.  Once the craziness of Christmastime is over, you might find yourself twiddling your thumbs after you’ve reread Twilight for the 400th time.  This downtime is the perfect opportunity to get started on your internship search or work on some career goals.  Here are a few things you can do for your PR career while you’re snuggled up out of the snow.

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Edit your resume – Before leaving for break, make an appointment with career services or a mentor to review your current resume.  Have them give thoughts, or where you can elaborate on your strengths.  Not only will you have plenty of time to make some much needed changes, but you’ll be surrounding be family and friends who can give their thoughts too!

Research some companies of interest – Between Pinterest, tumblr and Facebook we all spend a gross amount of time on the computer during holiday break.  Why not spend some of that time going down the rabbit hole of potential first jobs or internships?  Look up your favorite brands and think about who you would like as a client.  Do a bit of digging to see who their PR team is, and what they have been up to lately.  If you’re really in a daydreaming mood, look up some apartments in the area of your dream job. This always used to motivate me to keep going for what I wanted

Spend some time networking – Even though you may be cooped up and prefer to spend the holiday in your pj’s, you can still do some serious networking from home. Find some PR girls or guys through Twitter or a university club that has an online following.  Send emails to some people you admire and ask them out for coffee or for some much needed advice.  But first, be sure to spend your time looking into your potential new friends.  If you have a question for a blogger, be sure they haven’t already addressed the issue in an FAQ or past post. And don’t EVER send an unsolicited resume to a new contact. Make a connection first


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