Working From Home

If you’ve turned on the news, you might be well aware that the New York/New Jersey area is in a state of emergency in preparation for Hurricane Sandy. Since most of public transportation is shut down, our office is closed and we’ve been asked to work from home. I rarely have to work from home, but when I do, here are some suggestions to make sure the day is just as productive.

  • Get dressed before the day starts to get into the mindset
  • Avoid your bed and sit at a desk or table
  • Stay away from distractions such as your TV and cell phone
  • Ask friends and family to leave you alone.
  • Take your usual lunch break
  • Reply to emails as usual so your teams know you’re online
  • Send a note to colleagues when you leave your work space and when you sign off for the day

To everyone in the area, please stay safe! Remember, PR is not ER and your personal safety always comes first.

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