Working on the Weekend

If you can believe it, I’m headed out once more to travel to Iowa City for business.   Though working over the weekend is no one’s favorite thing to do, I like to think there are several positives to getting on a plane and escaping to another city for the sake of work:

  • The excitement of being somewhere you may have never gone yourself (why would I ever consider going to Iowa?)
  • A hotel room all to yourself (naps and bad-television-watching are already planned)
  • Trying the local cuisine (this one I’m not so sure yet)
  • Another city to practice the PR elevator speech in (bonus points if you run into someone who already knows what PR is!)
  • Relaxing without the pressure to hang out with NYC friends (love them, but this girl needs a break)
  • Making new friends (traveling is an excellent excuse to be a social out-of-towner)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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