Yes, You Can Find Your Dream Job

Since starting nyc PR girls, we’ve gotten several emails asking for more information on how to get started in the industry.  We’ve addressed a few topics that may help, and we’ll continue  providing our insights and learnings from our experiences.  However, when we received this email last week we thought it was worth sharing:

For the past year I’ve been interning at various PR companies until finally landing a job as an account coordinator where I handled many different accounts. While I was really excited to finally get the job, all the expectations I had and all the feelings I thought I would feel to finally land my “dream job” were subsequently absent for the duration of my time there. I ultimately decided to leave the company a few weeks ago, and am in search of another job in PR.

I’m now looking for a company that may be a better “fit,” perhaps agencies that aren’t  necessarily the most “popular” such as People’s Revolution and aren’t known to the average person job hunting.  Do you think this is the right route to take in search of my dream job?

This is a very common sentiment when searching for your first job or internship.  You begin the hunt out of desperation, applying to all the companies that may just fit the bill.  When you get your first offer, you’re so excited to have the position you jump to take it.  All the anticipation of getting the job leads up to this moment, and you walk into your first day feeling like you’re the luckiest girl in the world.  One month and countless 13hr days later, you’re dog-tired, lack any kind of social life, and wondering if this company is really the place for you.

All of us have been in a position at a company where we are left thinking we’ve made a mistake.  Here are a couple pointers on how to find your dream PR girl job:

If you are in a position and you’re not happy, do not get discouraged- If you’ve been at your company for under a year and you think you can stick it out, it may be worth it.  Every entry-level PR position is difficult, and you need to prove you are an indispensable asset to the company (a lot of pressure for even the toughest PR girl!).  If you are truly working your hardest and it still doesn’t feel right, your company may just not be a fit for you.  Don’t feel guilty or negative about looking for a new position – in ANY field it takes time to find the right job, especially in the beginning.

Decide what kind of PR you are really interested in- Working in entertainment or fashion public relations sounds glamorous and exciting, and many girls immediately think this is where their career interest lies (especially those interested in living in New York who already love the glitz and glam).  Truth of the matter is, in both entertainment and fashion PR you are working long hours, late into the night with little pay.  If you could never give up your dream for working for Marc Jacobs, by all means please chase it.  There are reputable fashion and entertainment houses that provide great jobs for girls who really show they’ve got what it takes.  If you’d rather have a more reasonable work life balance or be given the opportunity to work on important projects early on, consider working for a consumer brands public relations firm or in-house at a beauty or consumer brand.  You can still eventually work with fashion or celebrities within consumer (look at all the crazy collaborations that have happened over the past few years!), without sacrificing your sanity.

Do your homework on the companies you’re interviewing with- You got the interview – congratulations!  But now it’s your job to really research this place, and see what it would be like to work there.  Check out the company website, case studies on past accounts, even use LinkedIn or your university’s alumni network to see if you have any connections with someone who has worked there.  What is the company atmosphere like?  Is it a hierarchical system, or will you have the chance to work on projects above your level?  Is there a healthy work-life balance?  What kind of clients is the company looking to attract?  Don’t be afraid to ask these kinds of questions on your interview… after all, it’s your life and your potential dream job!

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