Your Brain on Event Day

Today is an event day for me. One of my last before the holidays.


My brain.

Is fried.



Fellow PR girls will know. Here are a few things your brain does on event day.

  • You think you can skip breakfast, and promptly eat half the scones at the pastry table once the guests pass up food
  • You swing from feeling like you could fall on your feet in exhaustion to Tiger Woman Can Conquer the World
  • Your stomach seems to always growl at the most inopportune times
  • Your client asks you a simple question, and you look around the room looking for your life line
  • You always feel dirty, and constantly wash your hands and use Purell
  • Your feet go numb in your heels
  • Caffeine has little effect on you, unless its a quadruple shot of espresso in an Americano
  • Your hair falls out, and onto your clients lap during the first interview or meeting
  • You always need more water
  • You are smiling, even when you’re scared/about to cry/starving/exhausted, because you are doing what you love, and that makes you happy






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